Friday, April 6, 2018

Farewell post...

Years ago, I got all wrapped up in a job that wasn't right for me, in a life that felt deeply out of alignment with my heart. I was commuting three hours a day, caring for a baby, and convincing myself that being a real grown-up and being a writer were two very different things. I abandoned my writing, tucked it away, but the desire never really left me. Then one night, after putting my 7-month-old daughter to bed, I sat in my room and picked up a pen.

I'd neglected my writing for far too long, but there it was, waiting for me. The magic was still there. This blog, as ordinary and outdated as it is, as far as modern blogging goes, restored that rhythm for me. It helped me dust off my creativity and get back on nodding terms with my heart. It nudged me to continue picking up my pen, again and again, it opened those flood gates. I've filled a dozen journals since.

This blog cracked me open and helped me make sense of a time in my life that was all growing pains, questions, uncertainty. It did this job well, and I'm grateful.

I'm still writing. You can find my work here or on my website.

All my love,